DEA Project is there for you. Always.

This is our philosophy

From the initial concept through to market launch, DEA works side-by-side with professionals and companies looking for a good-quality hi-tech product that combines design, practicality and
safety. Throughout all the phases of design and development, DEA Project makes its technological know-how available to its clients. A winning strategy that serves our clients through 5 steps: design, engineering, pre-serial rapid prototyping, product certification and manufacture.

Design. Beauty in a concept

A successful product is the result of a brilliant intuition, brought to life by professional excellence and expertise.

DEA PROJECT works alongside businesses and professionals that are receptive to technological innovation by providing dedicated support during the concept and feasibility study phases and the design and development of products for market leaders, in which practicality combines with excellent cosmetic results and the best possible efficacy.

Engineering. The micromanagement of excellence

Beauty is nurtured through the attention to detail that guarantees flawless technical performance.
DEA Project follows the design of each and every component by aiming to achieve flawless performance and by transforming technical problems into opportunities for improvement and

Precision, in-process controls and a streamlined production process are the distinctive features of the method employed by DEA Project and its highly-specialised team.

Pre-serial prototyping. Quality is a high-tech pit-stop

Meticulous product analysis during the prototyping phase guarantees fast and flawless development.
Using a rapid and smart prototyping process, DEA Project guarantees pre-production testing through in-process controls, which translates into a streamlined development process and a drastic
reduction in changes and savings during the later process phases.

Certification. Guaranteed safety.

All our products are analysed by the most authoritative international certification bodies, using stringent protocols.
DEA Project strives constantly to improve the professional value and quality of its goods and services and implements the highest quality standards by adopting certified management systems.

ISO 13485:2012 DEA PROJECT

Production. A stream-lined and affordable manufacturing process

DEA project’s experience in the use of manufacturing technologies allows it to manufacture large and small series within limited timeframes and at an affordable cost, in order to fully satisfy
customer needs.

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